“YOU need to be loving towards the person you’re photographing, interested in the person,” Albert Watson says. If anyone should know, it’s him. Born in Scotland in 1942, and now based in America, he is one of the most successful and revered fashion and commercial photographers in the world, famous for his images of Alfred Hitchcock, Al Pacino, Kate Moss and many, many more.

In his new book Creating Photographs, Watson describes how he creates his images of celebrities, models and landscapes and gives advice on how to set up a studio, the importance of planning, and why you need to embrace chance and luck. Looking, looking properly that is, helps too.

“Every face has a different geography,” Watson writes, “and if you spend a few minutes considering a face before shooting, it helps you to create a unique photograph that highlights those mountains and valleys.”

Creating Photographs, Albert Watson is published by Laurence King Publishing, £14.99 © Images 2019 Albert Watson