WOW, where did that weather come from? Anyway, with the sun on its annual visit, it's time to get the crisp, refreshing whites out of the fridge, folks. My first choices are the New World sauvignons, pinot gris, gewurztraminer and semillon.

Chardonnay can also work on the blistering hot days, but you would be best served by the Aussie unoaked versions or, if your wallet allows, a really good chablis. There's nothing says class like a chilled chablis on your patio table. The oaky versions with their buttery palates can be a bit too fat in this sort of heat, but if vanilla floats your boat then go for it.

Gewurz or rieslings are just so moorish, though, when the mercury is high, but chill them to the same level as a penguin's privates to get the best effect. If you really want to be decadent, enjoy them with a crab salad or some grilled langoustines.

Sauvignon, especially from Marlborough, is still the king of the castle with its grassy aromas and tropical fruit palates. Then there's that teeth-clenching acidity on the finish that makes them as refreshing as an ice pop... I wonder if you can make a sauvignon ice lolly?

If, however, you want to go a bit left-field this summer then take a fresh look at semillon. Many of the Aussie versions are incredible and seem to take all the best bits from the grapes above. They’re like muscular, waxy versions of sauv blanc and while fine as aperitifs, they pair up well with a whole range of foods from shellfish to pork. In many ways, these are the jacks of all trades for your barbecue this summer.

Lost Hills Sauvignon, Marlborough

This is quite sublime for the money. It's as if someone crushed a punnet of gooseberries and added alcohol. Mouthwatering with some quite complex nuances on the palate.

Marks & Spencer £9

Gathering Sauvignon Semillon, The Lane

Oh my, this is good. In fact, I'd put this alongside any refreshing white wine in the world. Crisp aromatic nose with zesty white peaches, guava and refreshing acidity on its rather creamy palate. Superb with shellfish.

Corney & Barrow £20.50