Where is it?

St Andrews, Fife.

Why do you go there?

It is somewhere that has always had a special place in my heart. When I was a little girl, it was a big summer holiday destination for my family. We would go for a week or 10 days.

What I love about St Andrews is that, while it is a historic and iconic place in Scotland, it is also relaxed. It has these famous golf courses, but you can walk across them. The beaches and scenery are amazing.

I love the place. Now, when I go, I take my own kids. We are creating new memories as a family.

How often do you go?

Four or five times a year. The majority of those visits are day trips. It confuses my children when I say I used to go there on my summer holidays because it is only an hour-and-a-half up the road. We try to have an overnight in St Andrews at least once a year.

How did you discover it?

My strongest memories are from when I was seven or eight. We would go to a caravan site. My dad and brothers were really into golf. My mum would come too. We would take the dog.

HeraldScotland: BBC sports presenter Jane Lewis. Picture: Alan Peebles/BBC ScotlandBBC sports presenter Jane Lewis. Picture: Alan Peebles/BBC Scotland

We would walk round golf courses and that was when I got my first taste. I would get a wee club and hack round with them. I also have a photograph of me in a swimsuit, sitting in the old outdoor pool at St Andrews surrounded by big crabs.

The treat at the end of the day was always to get an ice cream at Jannettas Gelateria.

What's your favourite memory?

Good old-fashioned family holidays when we were all together and outside whatever the weather, be it playing golf, on the beach or in the sea swimming.

Who do you take?

My husband Ian and our children Emily, 13, and Erin, 12, as well as Lomond the dog – he likes a trip to St Andrews too. We can spend hours up there on the beach or walking around the old castle ruins.

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My children like to go crab fishing by the wee harbour bridge. There is a shop nearby that sells fishing string with a hook at the end; they give you bits of bacon and sometimes squid to use as bait. My daughters will stand there for hours fishing. If they catch anything, it gets thrown it back in.

What do you leave behind?

All my stresses and worries.

Sum it up in five words.

Special. Relaxing. Fun. Iconic. Historic.

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What travel spot is on your post-lockdown wish list?

I want to see more of Scotland. I would like to go to Barra. The beaches are out of this world and the colour of the water is stunning. Landing on the beach would be special.

Jane Lewis is reporting on the Scotland team in the Euros for BBC radio and television