Huge sites including Amazon, Twitter Reddit and seem to be suffering from a reported global internet outage.

BBC news, the New York Times and The Guardian also seem to be affected by the connection issues.

Other sites like HMRC and Spotify desktop have also received reports of issues from users via Downdetector.

It is believed the reason for so many websites experiencing problems is an issue with fastly, an American cloud computing services provider, which is responsible for a number of sites across the world.

A message on their website reads: “Fastly’s network has built-in redundancies and automatic failover routing to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

“But when a network issue does arise, we think our customers deserve clear, transparent communication so they can maintain trust in our service and our team.

“Notices will be posted here when we re-route traffic, upgrade hardware, or in the extremely rare case our network isn’t serving traffic.

“If you are experiencing issues and do not see a notice posted, please email for assistance.”

The latest update from the company came at 10:07 UTC which said they were “continuing to investigate this issue”.

According to the website UK cities are “operational” at the time of writing.