FOR dedicated followers of politics it was a television occasion like few others, a cross between Princess Diana’s encounter with Bashir and the Line of Duty finale. 

Now Dominic Cummings v the UK Government is heading for a sequel this Thursday when it is the turn of Matt Hancock, England’s Health Secretary, to appear before the same joint committee of MPs. 

Provisionally titled (but only by Unspun) as Hancock: The Revenge, the occasion could be a chance for the Minister to settle scores, or he might opt to rise above the fray and let the public inquiry that launches next year sort things out. 

Among the devastating allegations made by the former chief aide to the Prime Minister was that Mr Hancock lied. Committee members duly took Cummings to task, asking if he had any evidence to back up his claims. Cummings said he did, and would be happy to supply it to MPs. 

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