SNP ministers have been accused of going on a "power trip" after it emerged emergency coronavirus laws will be extended.

The Scottish Government is preparing to lodge new legislation to remove a number of existing provisions but extend others.

Temporary laws were first introduced in March last year at the beginning of lockdown and are due to expire at the end of September.

A ministerial statement touching on the new coronavirus legislation is due this afternoon. 

A Scottish Government spokesman told the Daily Mail: "A Bill will be introduced to parliament in the course of this month which will remove a number of provisions which are no longer considered necessary in response to the pandemic, and extend others to ensure that public services can continue to operate effectively."

Scottish Conservative Covid recovery spokesman Murdo Fraser said: “The SNP failed to win a majority but they’ve already started to disrespect the Scottish Parliament anyway.

“In the last week of term, over just a few days, it seems they are seeking to railroad through Parliament an extension to emergency Covid powers that don’t expire until the end of September.

“There is plenty of time for a proper consultation on this over the summer, and for any new legislation to be considered when Parliament returns at the beginning of September. 

"The rush to extend so many emergency laws is alarming. It looks like the SNP are on a power trip."

He added: “It is unjustifiable to extend sweeping powers longer than necessary, so there will be real concern over a move to prolong powers to 2022 when we don’t know what the Covid situation will be in a few weeks, never mind in September.

“We will be pressing John Swinney this afternoon on the justification for the move and the unacceptable attempt to bulldoze sweeping legislation through Parliament at short notice.”