Question Time returns after yet another major week in the world of politics as the world continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic and trade talks continue between the UK and the EU.

Fiona Bruce will once again put questions to a panel of politicians and guests on the BBC’s flagship political show from a virtual audience. 

This week, the UK continued to work towards deadlines amid the coronavirus pandemic with Matt Hancock set to appear in front of a committee. Another hot topic was the High Court ruling the UK government acted unlawfully when it awarded a £560,000 contract to a firm run by former colleagues of Michael Gove and the PM's adviser Dominic Cummings 

Here’s who’s on BBC Question Time tonight and what viewers can expect. 

Gillian Keegan 

The Government will be represented by the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills Gillian Keegan. 

The Conservative MP for Chichester since 2017 will appear on the political discussion show. 

Keegan made headlines over the handling of exams in England amid the Covid-19 pandemic and faced a barrage of criticism for being on holiday during the A-Level results crisis however, Keegan defended herself by clarifying that she was not the Minister responsible for A-Level and GCSE qualifications. 

She recently told the House of Commons education select committee of a “middle-class grab” on degree apprenticeships. She said: “What we are fearful of is that a lot of people will suddenly see that degree apprenticeships are a very good option and people who would have gone to university anyway would just choose that route and squeeze out people like me, sat in a comprehensive school at 16, with nowhere to go thinking ‘how do I get on in life?’.”

Keegan recently appeared on Sky News warning about travelling to amber listed countries for holidays saying: “As with many of these things we have had throughout the pandemic, this has been about relying on the great British public to be sensible and follow the guidance we have put in place and taking their own decisions really.

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“But, no, we wouldn’t advise going on holiday to the amber list countries.” 

Keegan was also doorstepped outside the Department of Education over the UK government’s pledge of £1.4 billion for the education catch-up scheme. 

While Keegan has never rebelled against the Conservatives in the current parliament, she has voted against fewer MPs in the House and voted for laws to promote equality and human rights, something most Conservatives voted against. 

Lucy Powell

Lucy Powell, the shadow housing secretary will also appear on Question Time and will face off against Gillian Keegan on a host of issues. The MP, who was recently appointed in the shadow housing secretary post as part of Sir Keir Starmer’s May reshuffle has been the MP for Manchester Central since 2012. 

Powell sits on the independent Rebuilding Our High Streets Commission which aims to aid the UK’s ailing high street in the battle against Covid and has also been vocal in her support of businesses and extra support. 

The Labour MP was recently in the news after saying she wanted to work with the Conservatives to scrap  Section 21 eviction powers. She tweeted:  “Labour has warned time and again that ending the eviction ban is gambling with people’s livelihoods and life chances. The Housing Secretary must keep his promise that nobody will lose their home because of Coronavirus. 

“Ministers should work with us on emergency legislation to end Section 21 ‘no-fault evictions’ now. Instead, the government has kicked its pledge to protect renters into the long grass. Now, they’re stripping away emergency protections without any plan to prevent a crisis.”

In her first speech in parliament as shadow housing secretary, Powell told MPs “failure” to act on the cladding crisis shows “they’re putting the interests of their developer donors over innocent homeowners”.

Powell has backed more EU integration and has voted on the majority of issues the same way as her Labour/Co-operative colleagues. She served in Ed Milliband’s shadow cabinet and resigned from her position as Shadow Education Secretary in protest of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Kavita Oberoi 

The businesswoman and founder of Oberoi Consulting will also be appearing on BBC Question Times. The company is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of IT clinical support services to the NHS and pharmaceutical industry.

The Derby entrepreneur played a key role in the Breakfast Club Scheme in 2017 in Derby working with the local council and other stakeholders to ensure no child went hungry, providing breakfasts toi school children. 

She appeared on Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire and was awarded an Order of the British Empire in 2014 in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for services to entrepreneurship and start-up businesses.

Yanis Varoufakis 

The Greek-Australian politician and author Yanis Varoufakis will also be making an appearance on BBC Question Time. 

He recently made headlines after claiming that Greece was ready to take it "to the edge" to solve their debt crisis and threaten to leave the European Union saying the former PM Alexis Tsipras "overthrew" the people's wish to take Greece "to the edge" to solve its debt crisis. He told UnHerd: “I was trying to push our government all the way to the edge but it turned out behind my back my prime minister had agreed with Angela Merkel that they wouldn't go to the edge and that he would capitulate.”

In 2017 Yanis Varoufaki also supported Julian Assange and has frequently been seen at protests in support of the Wikileaks founder. 

The former finance minister created his own political party, MeRA 25, a left-wing party, and has published a number of books on the European debt crisis and game theory.  

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Frank Luntz 

The American political pollster and communications consultant will finish off the panel for this week’s episode. The Republican strategist has worked on every British election from 1997-2015 and in 2021 declared that he was no longer a Republican.

In 1993 and 97 Luntz served as pollster and strategist for Rudolph Giuliani in New York City mayoral elections.

Luntz is credited with advising the Bush administration that the phrase "global warming" should be abandoned in favour of "climate change" which according to his suggestions appeared to be ‘less threatening sounding’ 

He has written a number of best-selling books and frequently appears on Fox News as a commentator. 

BBC Question Time is on at 10:45pm on BBC One.