AS many as 20,000 Scotland fans could be heading to London for next week’s crunch Euro 2020 match – many without tickets – supporters have warned.

Fans are set to dismiss warnings from both the Scottish Government and London Mayor issued last week to avoid travelling unless they were attending the match at Wembley – but have instead urged officials to put forward the option for the Tartan Army to watch the game safely.

Sven Lister, a member of the Rosyth Tartan Army Supporters Club, told MyLondon how he is travelling down with 11 friends, four of whom do not have a ticket for the June 18 clash.

He said that given the lack of plans from London authorities to facilitate the large number of Scots, troubles could flare.

He said: “I reckon there will be about 20,000 or so turning out. I mean, all the trains are fully booked from Thursday all the way through to midday on Friday,” said Sven.


“It just worries me that they've not done anything. There's going to be groups wandering, possibly not getting to see the football, which would cause trouble.

“[Not being able to see the game] would annoy people, I know that for a fact.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan last week warned there would be no alternate venues for Scotland fans to watch the game other than at Wembley Stadium – where around 2600 members of the Tartan Army will be allowed.

He said: "I am urging all fans to only come to London if you have a ticket for the match or if you have arranged a safe place to watch it from, in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines."

The comments were echoed by Scotland’s culture minister Jenny Gilruth. She said: “I know for many of us EURO 2020 will be one of the highlights of the summer and an opportunity to support our national team.

"As well as the matches played in Glasgow, there will also be huge interest in the Scotland v England game at Wembley.

“Although we have made great progress, we all still have an important part to play in making sure we keep the virus under control.

“So I urge all football fans to plan in advance how you are going to enjoy the tournament and only travel to London for June 18 if you have a ticket or a safe place to watch the match from.”

As MyLondon reports, many Scotland fans have had their reservations cancelled at the last minute by London pubs.

Mr Lister told them that, like many supporters, he made plans to travel to London back in November when the fixture was first announced – adding that spending thousands on travel and accommodation is not something that fans will give up lightly.

Scotland’s traditional London meeting spot in Trafalgar Square – where the fountains are often filled with washing-up liquid – will be a no-go zone for the Tartan Army this time around.

Instead, the area is being used as a socially-distanced, ticketed fan zone for England’s key workers.

HeraldScotland: Scotland fans in Trafalgar Square, London, as thousands of football fans descend on the capital for the England v Scotland World Cup qualifier. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday November 11, 2016. About 14,000 Tartan Army supporters are expect

As a result, “thousands” of Scotland fans are set to be gathering in Hyde Park instead.

Mr Lister said: “They’ve got a party organised in Hyde Park, all they need to do is put a big screen up.”

“They’ll tidy up after themselves, there won’t be a case of leaving rubbish around they’ll bring a black bin bag and pick it up.

“[But officials] are not listening to the people and they’re leaving themselves wide open to problems.”

Addressing the issue of fans travelling from Scotland last week, Mr Khan said: “I am so excited for UEFA EURO 2020 and one of the games that I am looking forward to the most is England’s match with Scotland at Wembley.

“I have some amazing memories of England v Scotland games in the past and I love the atmosphere that Scottish fans always bring to major football tournaments.

“However, I am today urging all fans to only come to London if you have a ticket for the match or if you have arranged a safe place to watch it from, in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

“I want to be completely clear that Scottish fans will not be able to access their traditional Trafalgar Square base as it will be used as a socially-distanced Fan Zone for key workers who are helping our city through the pandemic. Due to COVID regulations there are no alternative sites for fans to gather in large numbers in central London.

“We have all been through so much over the last 15 months and while I know everyone wants to have a great time during the EUROs, it is vital that we make sure the competition is safe and takes place in an environment that we can all enjoy.

“If everything goes to plan, Covid restrictions will be lifted on June 21. Should that happen, I want to welcome people from all over the UK to the capital with open arms so they can experience our great city, theatres, bars, restaurants and great nightlife.”