NEIL Oliver has caused a stir online after going viral over “baffling” comments about lockdown and the Scottish Government.

Speaking exclusively to The Herald, the Coast presenter claimed that “lockdown is the biggest single mistake in world history”.

Speaking about the Scottish Government in his full interview, he later added: “We’re in failed state territory. I hang my head in disbelief and sadness at what Scotland has become – the state of the economy, the state of the health service, of education, the fiasco of the ferries, the drugs deaths.

“It’s a shambles and shameful and I look on at the country of my birth with nothing but sadness at how far we’ve fallen.”

The words came ahead of his debut Saturday evening slot on the most controversial and talked-about media launch in years - GB News.

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The full interview can be found here.

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However, it’s not just the channel that has attracted attention – with Mr Oliver’s comments trending on social media with hundreds weighing in on the debate.

Responding to a post, in which Mr Oliver was quoted as saying the Scottish Government was a “shambles”, actor Iain Robertson tweeted: “Yesterday he said he was apolitical.

“I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion & the Scottish Government is far from perfect - but when you compare them to the corrupt bin fire governing in Westminster, it just makes this man’s views all the more baffling”.

He added: “To be fair, I think he’s just realised that there’s coin to be had in being a contrarian.

“I shouldn’t give it oxygen & I’ll avoid that from now on. We need to outgrow our outrage at people intentionally stirring it up for attention. It’s tiresome & quite sad really.”

Paisley and Renfrewshire North SNP MP Gavin Newlands rejected an offer to read the interview, posting on Twitter: “Sorry no, I've chosen to cut my fingernails with pliers instead”.

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Glasgow Cathcart MSP James Dornan shared a link to Mr Oliver’s article, adding: “Never known for missing the chance to display a bit of hyperbole, I give you Scotland’s very own clown”.

And on the presenter’s comments that “lockdown is the biggest single mistake in world history”, journalist James Doleman went viral after asking: “Worse than appeasing the Nazis, invading Iraq or giving you a TV show?”

However, not everyone online was speaking out against Mr Oliver’s comments.

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One Twittr user, @Rickrick142, wrote: “At least a real news outlet, well said Neil Oliver. #GBNews.”

Another, Sean Walsh added: “Neil Oliver has a maximum intelligence, intellectual curiosity, conjoined with minimal ego (I know that personally).

“He's one of the good guys.”

And @JanetMcwee said: “Neil Oliver is allowed to have an opinion, he has never declared to be an expert in virology.”