An EU relations expert has predicted that Scotland will rejoin the EU in 2030 if there is a yes outcome to a second independence referendum. 

Following the most recent election, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon vowed an independence referendum would be held in this parliamentary session. 

Speaking of the promise last month Ms Sturgeon declared this parliament "the most important in our devolved history". 

An expert panel on a Brexit and independence special of the Brian Taylor Podcast gave their own forecasts for the timetable of Indyref2. 

Founder and director of Scottish Centre on European Relations Dr Kirsty Hughes pinpoints not only the date of the referendum but also when she sees Scotland rejoining the EU. 

"I would say 2024 and back in the EU by 2030, if it's a yes," she told the panel.

Following a heated discussion about Brexit, the EU comment earned a laugh from Michelle Ballantyne. 

The former Conservative MSP and current leader of Reform UK Scotland said the referendum is dependant on the fallout from Brexit. 

She said: "I think if the general election comes before it and Brexit settles down, it might never happen. If it does happen, it will have to happen fairly soon."

Meanwhile, former shadow secretary of state for Scotland Peter Duncan had a longer timespan in mind. "In this decade," he told Brian Taylor.

Earlier in the episode the former Scottish Tory MP warned that could be "counter-productive" for Boris Johnson to keep dismissing calls for Indyref2.

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Finally, former constitution secretary Mike Russell stuck with Sturgeon's previous assurances. 

He said: "I am absolutely not going to say except to go with what the First Minister has said, which is in the first half of this parliament, and I think that is correct."

The panel looked to all matters independence and Brexit in this constitutional special edition of The Brian Taylor Podcast, which is available on all streaming platforms now.