The Scottish Parliament is on recess from October 9 - 24, meaning chamber meetings and ministerial statments will not take place this week. 

Parliament recesses are breaks from normal order and usually take place several times a year in line with school and bank holidays. 

What do these recesses mean for politics in Scotland? Here's everything you need to know...

What are Parliament recesses?

Parliament recesses are breaks in the normal schedule when there are no meetings in the Chamber and no committee meetings. 

The Ocotber recess is often seen as an "October holiday" for MSPs, although it is unlikely they will take the whole recess to recuperate.

Do MSPs continue working during Parliament recess? 

The recess allows MSPs to spend an extended period of time in their own constituency and therefore with their constituents. 

MSPs are likely to take advantage of this time to maintain or increase rapport with their constituents by attending local events and generally keeping a fairly high profile.

Recesses give MSPs time to make the visits that they might in normal times be too busy to carry out.  

Do First Minister's Questions continue during recess? 

No, First Minister's Questions will not continue during recess.

However, Parliament can be recalled over the course of recess if required. 

Can Parliament be recalled at any time? 

Parliament can be recalled from recess on request of the Government. 

For example, Parliament was recalled during recess in April following the death of Prince Philip to allow politicians in Scotland to pay tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh.  

Can I still contact my MSP during Parliamentary recess?

Yes, you can still get in contact with your MSP during recesses and they may table questions to ask when Parliament returns.  

When does the UK Parliament take next recess? 

The UK Parliament will take recess from November 9-15.