An Edinburgh-bound flight was forced to issue an alert and recieve priority landing after a passenger fell ill on board.

The British Airways plane, heading to the Scottish capital from London, announced a Squawk 7700 alert to air traffic control just before it reached the border.

According to blog website FlightRadar24, squawking 7700 means the crew determines the have an "urgency" or "distress" situation, with all air traffic control facilities in the area immediately alerted that the aircraft has "an emergency situation".


The website added "squawking 7700 makes it very clear to ATC that the crew needs priority and assistance".

It is believed that the passenger on the Flight BA1460 required medical attention on board. 

Airline officials have since confirmed the pilots requested an emergency landing, with the plane able to touch down safely last night.

A spokesperson from BA told the Scottish Sun: "Our pilots requested a priority landing at Edinburgh Airport due to a customer requiring medical assistance.

"The aircraft landed normally."