Scotland saw an end to sunny weather spell over the weekend as heavy rain showers battered to country, causing flooding in some areas. 

The yellow warnings for thunderstorms and heavy rain in place across Scotland proved necessary as the adverse weather caused huge disruption.

Social media came alive with videos of torrential downpour, traffic coming to a standstill and shop floors flooding. 

But is the rain here to stay? Here's the latest forecast for Scotland...

Is the heavy rain set to stay?

Unfortunately, the heavy showers look set to hang around, as Scotland remains covered by cloud. 

As of Monday morning a yellow weather warning for rain has been put in place for central Scotland, Edinburgh and parts of Glasgow and the west coast from 11am to 11:59pm on Monday. 

This means that there is a small chance of flooding, with spray and surface water likely to cause difficult driving conditions. 

Despute the rain, the temperature will remain around the high teens across the country. 

Following the weather warning on Monday, the west of Scotland is most likely to benefit from periods of sunshine on Tuesday, but heavy showers are still forecast. 

Rain in the east looks likely for most of the day on Tuesday but again should still be an improvement on the weekend, when Edinburgh saw 40mm of rain fall in just one hour. 

Where will be worst hit by the rain? 

The weather looks fairly consistent across Scotland, with a mix of rain and the occasional spell of sunshine. 

Today Glasgow will be mainly cloudy with rain showers and the potential for occasional sunshine, while the chances of rain will reduce on Tuesday. 

It will be a mix of rain and sun in Edinburgh and the central belt, while Aberdeen's chance of rain remains fairly low throughout the day at around 20-40%. 

Meanwhile, Inverness will also likely see periods of sunshine mixed with rain. 

Towards the end of the week the rain looks set to tail off, but the cloud cover and warm temperatures will stay in place which could lead to more rain later on. 

Why was the rain so heavy at the weekend? 

Heavy downpour often follows spells of hot weather because warm air holds more moisture than cool air. 

This means that when the warm air is cooled, the moisture condenses causing the water droplets of the cloud to become too heavy to remain suspended in the air, resulting in heavy rain.