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Analysis of Intelligent Car Leasing data showcases most popular cars, brands, and fuel types across the country. 

What sort of car do we like to drive in Scotland? What brands are most popular? And are there regional differences in our choices? 

Intelligent Car Leasing thought it would be fun to dive into our leasing stats for Scotland and discover what drivers really like and where they are located. Analysis of the vehicle leasing experts’ data has revealed some interesting habits amongst the car-driving population of Scotland. 

As it turns out, drivers in the Glasgow region are the greenest in the country, while Scottish customers are most likely to be found driving a Kia Sportage. 

Petrol power accounts for just over half (51%) of all vehicles leased by Intelligent Car Leasing in the country. It’s followed by diesel (42%), electric (4%), and hybrid power (3%). 

Choice of drivetrain 

  • Petrol 51% 
  • Diesel 42% 
  • Electric 4% 
  • Hybrid electric 3%


It’s worth noting that the uptake of electric vehicles has increased significantly in the last year or so. If we separate cars into two groups based on when they were delivered, 9% of all cars leased since 2020 are electric versus just 0.4% pre-2020. A clear sign that in the last year and a half, Scottish drivers have really embraced electrification. 

Glasgow plugs in 

Drivers in Glasgow are charging ahead with their car choice. Motorists in the region have seen electric models make up 7.5% of vehicles delivered in the region. It’s the highest regional total for electric models, leading North East Scotland with 7.3% and Lothian with 6%. 

Glasgow drivers are also the greatest fans of hybrid cars, with more than 5.7% of vehicles delivered in the region blending electric power and an internal combustion engine. The region leads the Highlands and Islands (in a surprising second place with 5%) and West Scotland with 4.1%. 

Despite increasing registrations, EVs and hybrids can’t compete with more conventional fuel types judging by Intelligent Car Leasing’s figures. Mid Scotland and Fife has the most partisan following of a particular fuel, with petrol powering 62% of its delivered vehicles. It’s followed by West Scotland, which has seen 58% of vehicles powered by petrol and Glasgow with 52%. 

Drivers in South Scotland are the greatest fans of fossil fuel models with 58% of cars delivered in the region being diesel and 42% are petrol models. No electric or hybrid vehicles have been delivered by Intelligent Car Leasing in the area. South Scotland leads North East Scotland (46.3%) and Lothian (46%) in terms of diesel popularity. 

Mercedes is top brand, Kia’s Sportage most popular model 

Scottish drivers are a fan of the three-pointed star, that’s for sure, as 16% of vehicles delivered by Intelligent Car Leasing in the country are made by Mercedes-Benz. The Daimler brand has almost twice the market share of second placed Volkswagen (8.6%) and leads key rival BMW in third with 8.2% of vehicles. 

Kia comes in just behind BMW - 0.2% less – in fourth but boasts the most popular model in Scotland with its Sportage SUV. More than 6.7% of all models delivered are accounted for by the Sportage, ahead of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class at 5.7%, and both comfortably ahead of the Peugeot 2008 on 3%. 


SUVs and crossovers lead regional model tables in just about every area. Central Scotland and Glasgow favour the Kia Sportage, while Highlands and Island and Lothian prefer SEAT SUVs in the shape of the Ateca and Tarraco respectively. The North East Scotland’s most popular model is Peugeot’s 3008, and South Scotland sees three SUV/Crossovers in first place with the Range Rover Evoque followed by the Peugeot 2008 and Kia Sportage. 

In fact, only West Scotland, Mid Scotland and Fife favour a model that isn’t an SUV or crossover in outright or equal first place. West Scotland likes the Mercedes-Benz A-Class most with Mid Scotland and Fife preferring the BMW 3 Series. However, three out of the region’s top five most popular models are all crossovers – the Sportage in first with the Peugeot 2008 and 3008 following in third and fifth place. 

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Analysis of models made up from active Intelligent Car Leasing fleet within Scotland; data reflects cars on the road and excludes undelivered orders. To avoid the vagaries of general geographic interpretation, regions stated are Scottish electoral regions.