From Monday July 19, Scotland moves to level 0 restrictions which marks a major milestone in the easing of restrictions. 

Over the past year, we have seen numerous limitations on normal life, not least to weddings and celebrations. 

Couples around the country have had to downscale, postpone or even cancel events as Covid surged through Scotland. 

However, changes are round the corner, with increases to the number of guests permitted and guidelines for receptions altered. 

But the real question is, can you dance at weddings in level 0? 

Here's everything you need to know...

Can I dance at weddings in level 0?

Dancing at weddings is back - at least in some capacity.

New level 0 rules mean outdoors, groups of up to 15 people no longer need to socially distance.

This means that groups of 15 people to dance together, as long as they are outdoors.

It's good news for couples planning outdoor receptions, with changes to serving rules meaning groups of 15 can also now be served food and drink without having to be seated. 

However, different groups of 15 people must remain distanced by 1m. 

Essentially this means that if you are in a group of 15, you must stay 1m apart from another group of people. 

What about indoor receptions? 

Unfortunately, due to social distancing guidance still in place in Scotland, dancing is not permitted at indoor receptions.

This is because physical distancing remains fixed at 1m for indoor ceremonies and receptions.

How late can alcohol be served? 

Thanks to the extension in how late hospitality can remain open, alcohol can now be served at weddings until midnight. 

How many people can attend weddings in level 0?

Up to 200 people can attend weddings in level 0, a considerable increase from 100 in level 1 areas and 50 in level 2 areas. 

The Government is hoping to scrap the majority of remaining Covid restrictions from August 9.