Katie Hopkins has sparked a row after posting a video claiming she was deliberately flouting lockdown rules in hotel quarantine in Australia.

Hopkins said she deliberately trying to defy hotel quarantine rules by opening her door to workers as soon as possible once they delivered her food.

Thousands of Australians are unable to return home due to reduced flight caps as part of the nation's Covid-19 restrictions.

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Currently, amid concerns over the Delta variant, Australia is employing a limit on international arrivals coming into the country. The current weekly state and territory intake sits at 3,070, with a review set for the end of August. 

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Hopkins has apparently touched down in the country despite the restrictions amid speculation that she is set to appear on Australia's Celebrity Big Brother which is set to be broadcast later this year.

And the controversial Hopkins said in a now-removed post that she has been deliberately flouting infection control in hotel quarantine in Sydney

In her video, which was broadcast on Instagram then uploaded to Youtube, the 46-year-old did not touch on the speculation saying she could not share how she got into the country but claimed it was not because she is a “VIP”.

In the video, in which she belittled Covid-19 and Australian restrictions in place she said: “You are living through the greatest hoax in human history, they are trying to take everything from you, and one of the very best and most powerful weapons we have is a sense of humour, and someone like me is probably a massive thorn in their sides.”

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She told of the lockdown process saying: “The police officer who checked me in told me when they knock on my door I have to wait 30 seconds ’til I can open the door [to collect food],” 

“Then I can open the door but only if I wear a face mask.”

She said she had tried to open the door as soon as she had heard the knock:“[To] frighten the s*** out of them and do it naked with no face mask.

“What I want is the sergeant in the foyer to come up and tell me off so that I can stand there naked while he tells me off.”

Federal Labour MP Josh Burns tweeted: "Why on earth have you let Katie Hopkins into Australia. 

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"This is a woman who called Islam disgusting, migrants “cockroaches” and called for a “final solution”. How does she get a visa, let alone a spot in quarantine over Australians?"

Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi described Hopkins’ admission to Australia as a new low saying: “It says a lot about our priorities that Katie Hopkins can be permitted to come here and spew her vitriol during a pandemic.

“It’s as breathtaking as it is soul-crushing.

“What’s worse, Hopkins is making a mockery of our hotel quarantine system by openly flouting the rules and bragging about it on social media. This is just rage-inducing stuff from start to finish.”

The row comes as American celebrity Caitlyn Jenner also arrived in Sydney this week to appear on Channel 7’s upcoming series of Big Brother,