DUMBARTON midfielder Stuart Carswell was forced off with heat exhaustion in the Premier Sports Cup tie against Partick Thistle.

And Sons manager Stevie Farrell told The Scottish Sun that requests for a water break were refused by officials before kick-off and during the match.

Farrell, who is a fan of match official Mike Roncone, insisted rules should be put in place for water breaks when conditions are above a certain temperature.

Thankfully Carswell, who had been working before taking to the field, has recovered after the scare.

Farrell said: “I quite like Mike the referee but the SFA should have water breaks as a pre-requisite above a certain temperature.

“There needs to be consideration to all players when it comes to this.

"Part-time players like Stuart have been working all day in these conditions.

“But it doesn’t mean full-time players will be any less affected either."

Partick Thistle won the match 2-0.