STV weatherman Sean Batty has issued a warning not to leave animals in cars during high temperatures as the temperature continues to rise.

As the heatwave continues this week areas in central Scotland are expected near 30C.

Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and Glasgow could reach around 29C on Thursday afternoon and 28C along the west Highland coast on Friday.

In a video posted on the STV News Twitter account, Mr Batty left a thermometer in a car for 30 minutes in Wednesday’s 27C heat and just 30 minutes later, the temperature inside the car had rocketed to 47C. 

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He said: “It’s going to be an absolute scorcher for us in the next couple of days.

“Now by Scottish standards it’s going to be hot because our highest temperature we’ve ever recorded in Scotland is 33C, and over the next few days there’s a possibility of somewhere hitting 29C or 30C on the west coast.

“An experiment I’ve always wanted to have a go at is how hot does it actually get inside a car on a day like this.

“I’ve seen this done in America, for example, where the forecaster gets in the car, sits there and live streams it and tells you how it feels.

“Of course that’s dangerous because we’re warning you not to leave anything in the car, so I do have the door open and a wee while ago what I decided to do was park the car in the sunshine, I’ve got the addition of this glass roof which a few cars have got nowadays, and I left a thermometer in it to see how warm it got.

“So it’s 27C outside and the thermometer inside reached 47C, so an incredible 20C difference and with temperatures approaching maybe 30C in some spots in the next few days, that means inside cars here in Scotland could possibly be reaching 50C.

“I did leave the thermometer for half an hour so that simulates if you were at the supermarket and you thought, I’m just popping in for bread and milk, the dog will be fine and you ran in, got caught up in a big queue and before you know it the temperature has hit 50C in the car. 

“Fatal and dangerous levels. Just something to bare in mind in the next couple of days, do not leave anything precious in the car in the coming days in this heat.

“But do enjoy the weather, I don’t want to be preaching to you, it’s just something to remind you of that it does get extremely dangerous inside a car when we have high temperatures like this.”