An all-Scottish commentary team in the form of Hazel Irvine and Andrew Cotter heads up the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday as Tokyo 2021 gets underway. 

Irvine is a seasoned professional in Olympic coverage and particularly commentating opening ceremonies, having worked on ceremonies in Beijing, London and Rio. 

In fact, she has been part of the BBC's Olympic team since Barcelona 1992, making Tokyo her eighth games. 

We are set to see a lot of the Scottish star over the course of the next few weeks, so here's everything you need to know about Hazel Irivine...

Who is Hazel Irvine?

Born in St Andrews, Irvine has always been interested in sport, competing in netball, golf and athletics throughout her time at St Andrews University. 

Despite studying history of art, it was her extra-curricular hobbies which best equipped her for the presenting career ahead. 

Working in general production for Glasgow's Radio Clyde, Irvine got involved in the technical analysis of football matches and from there, her future as a sports presenter was decided.

The first Olympic break came in 1988 when she co-presented ITV's coverage of the Seoul Olympics with Dickie Davies. 

After joining the BBC in 1990, Irivne went from success to success, becoming the youngest ever presenter of Saturday sports show Grandstand in 1993 at the age of 32.  

Now 56, she has covered a wide range of sports over her 30 year BBC career, including tennis, snooker, golf, football and even skiing, as the former presenter of Ski Sunday. 

According to the presenter however, such an illustrous career stemmed from little planning and simply a love of talking about sport. 

In an interview with St Andrews' magazine, The Saint, Irivne said she had enjoyed the diversity of her career, but pinpointed numerous Olympic Games as particular highlights: "I have to say anything to do with the Olympics has been a highlight for me.

"Before London 2012 at one of the many re­hearsals before the opening ceremony I was able to walk with my daugh­ter hand in hand into the Olympic Stadium and watch her take it all in. That was a highlight.”

When can you watch Hazel Irvine in action?

Following her commentary on the opening ceremony, Hazel Irvine will front BBC One's coverage of the Olympics most days from 9:00-13:40 alongside Gabby Logan.