BBC presenters apologised to viewers this morning after a Danish cyclist shouted an expletive following a crash with a Team GB rider.

At about 8.50am during the men’s team pursuit, Frederik Madsen crashed into the back of Charlie Tanfield – taking both teams down to two riders.

Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy said the blame for the crash was clear, reporting: “As the lead rider in the team, you always have to keep your eyes on the team you're pursuing. It's called the pursuit for good reason. He clearly wasn't looking.

“Charlie Tanfield did the right thing in staying behind and on the black line, that was the Danish rider's fault.”

After the dramatic crash, Madsen was clearly not happy. The BBC’s cameras got close to the Dane who, while walking away from his bike, appeared to shout “f*** them”.

The presenters noted that the cyclist “doesn’t seem too happy about it”, before telling viewers: “Excuse that language, at that early hour of the morning – but that is why it always pays to look where they’re going.”

Despite the collision, Denmark qualified to contest the pursuit final against Italy, with a time of 3:45.014.