Michelin stars are regarded as the highest culinary accolades, but did you know just how many of the high-esteemed restaurants are located in Scotland?

Whether it's in the centre of the capital, or hidden away in a cottage on Skye, you can find these award winning restaurants up and down the country. 

It's an accolade significant to chefs and foodies alike; while restauranteurs dream of putting their name to such dishes, customers dream of eating those dishes.

Indeed, people travel from far and wide to try the latest Michelin restaurants which are almost always guaranteed to be booked out.

Here's where you can find all the Michelin star restaurants in Scotland...

Where are the Michelin star restaurants in Scotland?

There are ten Michelin star restaurants located across Scotland, with the highest concentration in Edinburgh. 

Only one Scottish restaurant has two stars, making it one of only fifteen in the UK to hold such an honour. 

Many of the menus are inspired by Scotland, using home-grown ingredients freshly caught or cultivated. 

Scotland's one star Michelin restaurants:

Cail Bruich - 725 Great Western Road, Glasgow

Number One - The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

The Kitchin - Leith, Edinburgh

Condita - 15 Salisbury Place, Edinburgh

Restaurant Martin Wishart - 54 The Shore, Edinburgh

Loch Bay Restaurant - Stein, Isle of Skye

Isle of Eriska Hotel - near Oban 

Peat Inn - St Andrews

The Cellar - Anstruther, Fife

Scotland's two star Michelin restaurants:

Andrew Fairlie - Gleneagles Hotel, Perth

What's the highest Michelin star rating?

The highest Michelin star rating a restaurant can receive is three stars. 

Three stars means the food is considered to be exceptional cuisine which is worth travelling to sample. 

There are currently seven three Michelin star restaurants in the UK, with five located in Lodnon and two in Berkshire. 

How do you get a Michelin star?

Michelin stars are awarded according to five criteria: 

  • The quality of the products
  • The mastery of flavour and cooking
  • The 'personality' of the cuisine
  • The consistency between visits
  • The value for money

One star is for "high class cooking, worth a stop" while two stars is a level up: "excellent cooking, worth a detour." 

Meanwhile, three stars are for "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!"