The Scottish Government have confirmed that when nightclubs reopen on August 9 after the removal of most coronavirus restrictions clubbers will not be required to wear face coverings.

A publication with the new guidance is set to be released in the coming days, more than 500 days since nightclubs across the country closed their doors.

Industry leaders had been worried that customers would be forced to wear masks whilst dancing, after Nicola Sturgeon announced the mandate for face coverings would remain for "some time to come".

However, the Deputy First Minister John Swinney on Wednesday said while customers are expected to wear a face mask when moving around in a bar or restaurant, dancing in a nightclub is a “slightly different situation”.

Asked if it would be practical for people to wear face coverings in clubs, he said: “I think it is a bit tricky. That is why we’re having those discussions. 

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“If people are sitting down at a table and having a drink you can say the hospitality rules apply there and people don’t have to wear a face covering, but if somebody is up dancing, which they are inevitably moving around, the existing rules say they should wear a face covering – but I accept that in a night club that is quite a challenge.”

The government have now confirmed that from August 9, ‘wearing of face masks is not required while eating or drinking (whether seated or standing)’.

Nightclubs officially closed in Scotland on March 20, 2020.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “The First Minister’s statement to parliament yesterday on the move to beyond level 0 represents a significant step towards greater normality. However, the virus has not disappeared and we all have a responsibility to take sensible precautions to help protect ourselves and each other. 

 “We are encouraging the hospitality sector to consider retaining safety measures that are currently in place to help protect the public and staff. While wearing of face masks is not required while eating or drinking (whether seated or standing), in order to avoid crowding in hospitality venues it may sensible to keep measures such as table service or operate a queuing system.

 “We are currently engaging with the nightclub sector on guidance to ensure they can safely reopen on 9 August.  It is due to be published in the coming days”