A GLASGOW radiologist is being investigated over possible misconduct in relation to allegations of physical, sexual, and mental abuse towards females partners.

A fitness to practise tribunal is considering claims that Dr Chris Cadman forced one woman he was in a relationship with, known only as Ms A, to have sex with him "when she had said no", and later allegedly took naked photographs without consent of a second partner - who was pregnant with his child - before telling her she looked "disgusting".

The allegations involving the two women span a period of around two and a half years, from December 2013 to April 2016.

The doctor, who graduated from Glasgow University medical school in 2013, was in a relationship with Ms A from December 2013 until January 2015 during which time he is alleged to have "grabbed and restrained her" on more than one occasion while trying to talk to her.

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The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) is also considering claims that in July 2014 Dr Cadman "grabbed Ms A by both shoulders", "shook her", dug his finger into her shoulder, and told her “you need to learn”, or words to that effect.

He is also alleged to have sexually assaulted Ms A in August 2014 by touching her genitals "when she said no", kissing her neck, "violently" pinning her down, and forcing her to have sexual intercourse with him "when she had said no".

The medic is also alleged to have mentally abused Ms A by telling her than "nobody else would ever want to be with her" and telling her that he had told his friends and family that she "was an attempted murderer".

In August 2014, when Ms A told Dr Cadman that she was pregnant, he is alleged to have told her that he hoped she was "going to be happy being a single mother" before threatening to take the baby, move to London, and "get a new mum for the baby" in the capital.

In September 2014, Ms A terminated the pregnancy. When she told Dr Cadman that she felt "guilty" about the abortion, he is alleged to have told her to drive him home adding that she had "ruined" his day.

The tribunal is also considering allegations that on one or more occasions when Ms A saw her family Dr Cadman threatened to break off the couple's engagement and would ignore her text messages and telephone calls.

He is said to have told her she was "an awful person", "unattractive", and to have broken up with her in public on one or more occasions.

After their relationship ended, Dr Cadman is also alleged to have pestered Ms A with text messages and emails between January 2015 and January 2016 asking to meet up "despite Ms A requesting [him] not to contact her".

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In April 2015, Dr Cadman began a second relationship with a woman known as Ms B, who he is also alleged to have physically and mentally abused.

It is alleged that he punched her twice on her left arm in January 2016, before threatening to "end" her career and warning that "if you talk about this, I’ll be the end of you”.

On one or more occasions during their relationship it is alleged Dr Cadman would "switch off [his] telephone for a few days" if Ms B was not on time to meet him or failed to respond to messages quickly.

Dr Cadman is also alleged to have "demanded Ms B delete all the male contacts from her telephone".

In December 2015, when Ms B was six months pregnant, the radiologist is alleged to have taken a naked photograph of her without her consent before voicing his disgust and telling her: “Ugh, this what I have to look at in the morning”.

Dr Cadman is alleged to have kept the photograph in his laptop despite telling Ms B he had deleted it.

He is also alleged to have mentally abused her by telling Ms B while she was expecting his child that the baby had "destroyed [his] life" because he was no longer free to travel.

In February 2016, the month after their relationship had ended, Dr Cadman is alleged to have told Ms B to hand over her phone and warned "this will not end well for you" when she refused.

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During a subsequent meeting between the pair in April 2016, he is also alleged to have "intimidated" Ms B by telling her “I know where you are, if I want to get hold of you” after he had obtained her new address, and presented her with legislation stating he "had rights" to their child.

The tribunal is expected to continue until September 3 and will determine whether Dr Cadman's fitness to practise as a doctor has been impaired by misconduct, potentially resulting in him being suspended or erased from the UK medical register.

MPTS is separate from the General Medical Council (GMC).

The MPTS tribunals make independent decisions about a doctor’s fitness to practise, while it is up to the GMC - the regulatory body for doctors - to carry out an investigation into allegations against a registered medic before bringing a case against them to the MPTS.