A trailblazing Scot who was the first ever female Captain in the RAF's 116 year history has been awarded a prestigious medal for her achievements. 

Captain Susan Cloggie-Holden, 37, from Seamill, North Ayrshire, wass awarded the Merchant Navy Medal for working tirelessly to support women in maritime.

Another recipient was Captain Susan Cloggie-Holden, 37, from Seamill, North Ayrshire, who was the first woman to reach that rank in the RFA’s 116-year history.

A founding member of the Women in Maritime Taskforce, the forum boasts over 700 members, with Susan recently assuming the role of Vice-Chair.

“I’m honoured to be awarded this prestigious medal alongside some truly inspirational seafarers,” she said.

“To reach the rank of captain has been my career ambition and I now feel it is my duty to help others to reach their goals.

“I believe diversity is key to this, as an inclusive and diverse working environment ensures everyone is equal and enables them to reach their potential.”

Susan was among 16 mariners to be recognised with Merchant Navy Medals, which are awarded by the Department for Transport for outstanding service by Merchant Navy seafarers.

Maritime minister Robert Courts said: “Every year I am humbled by the dedication of these sailors, captains and mariners who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to protect and enrich the sector and our country.

“I’m delighted to see Susan rewarded for her outstanding service.

“Diversity is vital for the success of any sector and the extraordinary work they do on a daily basis not only makes maritime a welcoming career path for everyone but improves the lives of those already in the workforce.”