A comedian hired to front a Scottish Government campaign to take precautions against Covid has apologised for "horridly offensive" social media posts which had surfaced online. 

SNP-backing Janey Godley said she recognised the Tweets  — which featured words used to mock the disabled — were "deeply hurtful" and that people were right to take offence. 

The offensive posts from her social media history were shared online after new coronavirus safety adverts featuring Ms Godley, 60, were broadcast on television, with some questioning why such a "divsive" figure had been asked to take part.

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In her apology, posted on Twitter, she wrote: “These historic tweets that people have quite rightly found offensive are deeply hurtful and shows my lack of empathy and zero self-awareness and come from a time of ignorance in my life. 

“I am a firm believer in progress not perfection, I will continue to progress.

“People have every right to see who they are supporting and what values they hold and looking through their past social media is the way forward. I apologise for every single offensive word I wrote."

Ms Godley has risen to fame largely thanks to her online spoof films impersonating Nicola Sturgeon and her TV adresses during the pandemic, which make liberal comic use of her Glasgow brogue.

A strong supporter of both the SNP and independence, she has clashed online with detractors and those who wish to remain in a union with the UK.

The apology continued: “The offensive replies from me, were to accounts that threatened me and I lashed out with abhorrent heckles. Their accounts were suspended, I should have blocked and reported them and not argued back.

“Comedy is no excuse for shocking and hurting people with words. I will endeavour to be better in future.

“There are fake tweets that were created to threaten me, but notwithstanding, the ones I wrote, I take responsibility for."

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It concluded: “During the course of this pandemic, I have tried to keep everyone’s spirits up and at the same time highlight the dangers. I am passionate about this and will continue to help in any way I can.”

Godley is set to appear in the Beauty and the Beast pantomime production at His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, in December.