One of the first meals I ever tasted in Italy as a young teenager was a Cotoletta Milanese, a thin slice of pink veal, fried in extra virgin olive oil and butter and doused in sweet lemon juice. It is easy to reproduce at home - pork, chicken, or turkey a convenient substitute for veal. You can also use slices of aubergines or courgettes to make a vegetarian version. Great recipe to get kids helping in the kitchen.


4 pork chops, chicken breasts or turkey breasts, approx.180g each

2-3 tablespoons plain flour

Sea salt and black pepper

2 free range eggs

3-4 tablespoons dried breadcrumbs

200g unsalted butter

Olive oil

2 unwaxed lemons

Greaseproof paper


If you are using pork cutlets, trim and remove any excess fat.

Cut into the edges of the fat with a sharp knife every 2 cm so that it stays flat while cooking.

Lay each piece of pork, chicken, or turkey between two sheets of greaseproof paper. Use a tenderiser or wooden rolling pin to pound the meat to tenderise it and flatten it out as thin as you can.

Prepare 3 shallow bowls, one with flour, one with eggs and one with breadcrumbs.

Beat the eggs and season.

Season the meat well on both sides.

Now, dip each piece of meat in the flour on both sides, shaking off any excess. Draw through the egg and then press each side into the breadcrumbs, making sure they are well coated. using your hands to press the meat into the crumbs to make sure they are well coated.

Lay them on a flat plate and pop in the fridge to allow the crumb firm up.

Remove from the fridge and using the back of a fork, fluff up the breadcrumb coating to help create a crispier result.

Warm the olive oil and the butter to a wide shallow frying pan.

As soon as the butter stops foaming, cook each cotoletta, in a single layer over a brisk heat until golden brown on each side, about 3-4 minutes.

Remove to a warm plate.

Serve with a fresh green salad and lots of lemon juice.


I always have a stack of home- made breadcrumbs in the kitchen. Simply collect any ends of stale bread and all those ‘heels’ that we throw in the bin. Break them into chunks and pop into a liquidiser. Whizz until they form crumbs. Spread on a baking tray and dry in a low oven for an hour or so. Keep in a sealed container for a few months. Perfect for breaded fish, fishcakes, or stuffing vegetables.

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