A JUNIOR doctor has admitted bombarding a male colleague at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with homophobic phone messages claiming that orthopaedic consultants "don't want a gay in their department".

Dr Lydia Krexi sent the medic, known only as Dr A, a string of texts during May and June 2019 telling him that other doctors "laugh at you" and "comment on the fact you don't have a girlfriend".

Dr Krexi - who qualified in medicine in Greece in 2017 - told Dr A that his colleagues in the ARI orthopaedics department believed he was "gay or racist" and wanted him sent to work in Inverness instead.

The medic, whose conduct is alleged to have been sexually motivated after Dr A rejected her, also admitted making anonymous phonecalls to Dr A and accessing his medical records "on one or more occasion" without any clinical justification.

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The case was referred by the General Medical Council (GMC) to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS), which will determine whether Dr Krexi should be sanctioned.

The tribunal, which is ongoing, found that Dr Krexi sent inappropriate messages via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and text to Dr A between May 19 2019 and June 2 2019.

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On May 20, Dr Krexi admitted to sending Dr A a message on Whatsapp telling him that colleagues at ARI talk about him.

She wrote: "They comment on the fact that you don't have a girlfriend. They say that you are probably gay.

"Ortho consultants are not happy. They say that they don't want a gay in their department and they should send you to Inverness."

On May 25, Dr Krexi texted Dr A again telling him that consultants and registrars were "talking about you again".

She wrote: "Half were saying that you are gay and half that you are racist and you don’t want European or Christian women.

"There was a junior from medicine there and she was making questions about your personal life. She agreed that you aren’t interested in women.

"Gay or racist doesn’t sound good and it isn’t nice that they talk about you like this all the time."

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On June 2, Dr Krexi sent a message on Whatsapp suggesting that Dr A was not going to be offered another job at ARI because the consultants "think you are weird".

She wrote: "You have never been with a girl. They have only seen you with [Dr B] and they think that you are in love with him. It is unacceptable for an orthopedic surgeon to be gay and they don't want anyone like you at the department."

Dr Krexi then insisted she was sharing the information with Dr A because she "wanted to help", before adding: "How do you feel that you work in a hospital that [sic] everyone knows that you are gay and they laugh at you?

"They said that you shouldn't be using the male changing room, you should go with the ladies. Your walk also shows what you do every night."

Later that same day, Dr Krexi - who is now employed by the NHS in Thames Valley, England - sent Dr A a message via Facebook insisting that she had not contacted him "since you told me that you aren't interested".

She continued: "I had good intentions. Why do you want to hurt me? I am not a whore because I am Christian and I am not desperate for a man.

"I also don’t want to be informed about your personal life. You are right though that I am stupid; until one week ago I was still thinking of you and I was sad that you didn’t want me."

Dr Krexi is also alleged to have sent inappropriate messages via Facebook in June 2019 to a married male colleague, known only as Dr B.

In one, dated June 1, she is alleged to have written that ARI doctors "talk about your pal, [Dr A]", adding: "There are girls flirting with him and he prefers to be alone. His consultants think that he is gay.

"They are upset and they say that it is unacceptable for an orthopaedic surgeon to be gay. They want to send him to Inverness.

"They have only seen him with you and they say that he may be in love with you."

On June 2, Dr Krexi is alleged to have written to Dr B again claiming that another orthopaedic colleague had checked Dr A's phone while he was in theatre, adding: "He saw his texts saying that he wants to make you get a divorce. There were very naughty texts about you."

The tribunal continues.