What is it?

A smart bathroom scale with enhanced health analysis.

Good points?

Set up is a quick and simple process which involves pairing the scales with your smartphone via Bluetooth, then stepping onto them to complete and begin to use.

Once connected you have access to 13 body composition metrics which helps better understand your physiology by digging deeper because sometimes visual appearances can mask underlying issues.

Analysis includes aspects of your body you might not ordinarily think about, such as bone mass, fat-free body weight and basal metabolic rate which is the minimum number of calories needed for your body to function while resting.

HeraldScotland: Renpho Smart Bathroom ScalesRenpho Smart Bathroom Scales

The smartphone app does a great job of arranging and explaining the data, so you don't get confused or bogged down in detail.

Other nuggets of useful information provided are subcutaneous and visceral fat measurements which highlight both the visible fat just under the skin and the dangerous hidden fat that surrounds the organs.

As with all good health related equipment, you can set goals and track your progress through the app to maintain motivation. What separates the Renpho scales from other competitor's products is the surprisingly low price.

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The device links to any existing health apps you may have such as Google Fit, Apple Health and FitBit.

Bad points?

There are no buttons on the scales to adjust settings meaning everything must be done through the app.

Best for ...

Those who want to know as much about their body as possible without paying over the odds.

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Avoid if ...

You don't own a smartphone as this is the only way to access all the information.

Score: 9/10.

Renpho Smart Bathroom Scales, £23.99 (amazon.co.uk)