Heavy rain and wind is set to batter Scotland this weekend, marking the end of summer as October begins. 

Scotland's warm weather seems to be well and truly over as the temperature drops and the gales pick up. 

And now it looks like we are in for a wet, autumnal weekend with rain forecast for most of Scotland. 

Here's what you can expect over the weekend...

What is the weather forecast this weekend for Scotland?

It looks set to be pretty wet in most parts of Scotland this weekend, so have your rain jackets at the ready. 

Glasgow will see heavy rain throughout Saturday, and with gusts of up to 24mph, you might want to avoid taking the umbrella out. 

The rain should ease slightly on Sunday, but the winds will get more intense with forecasters predicting gusts over 30mph. 

Rain is less likely in the capital this weekend, however strong winds could result in gusts of up to 39mph on Sunday morning before slowly easing throughout the day. 

Gusts in the central belt will hover around 20mph with light rain and cloud cover throughout the weekend. 

Aberdeen will see light rain across Saturday and Sunday, with gusts in the high teens. 

Meanwhile, Inverness looks set to avoid the rain on Saturday with gusts of up to 23mph keeping the clouds moving.

Instead, Sunday will see the rain roll in and gusts remaining fairly high. 

What will the temperature be this weekend?

The last of the summer weather seems to be over, with temperatures noticeably dropping in previous days. 

The temperature will hover around 7 or 8 degrees across most areas of Scotland on both Saturday and Sunday. 

It will be a few degrees warmer further north, with Inverness seeing highs of 12 degrees. 

Are there any weather warnings in place for Scotland?

It may be rainy this weekend, however the good news is that there's not currently any weather warnings in place in Scotland over the weekend.