What is it?

A stylish and feature-rich gaming mouse.

Good points?

Being a gaming control device the Ybar provides accuracy and speed of movement which is essential to succeed in most typical genres.

A resolution of 7200 dots-per-inch (DPI) allows subtle or direct motion to a particular point on-screen. The DPI can be altered at the touch of a dedicated button.

Its sleek design is comfortable to hold thanks to a rounded mesh textured grip that reduces sweaty build-up and the chances of an annoying slip in a crucial moment.

Full RGB LED lighting is customisable for colours and effects to enhance the gaming experience or ambience alike but can also be turned off to avoid distractions.

HeraldScotland: Trust GXT 922 Ybar Gaming MouseTrust GXT 922 Ybar Gaming Mouse

Providing six quick-click responsive buttons, including two for the thumb, you are well equipped to be first on the trigger when speed is of the essence. The buttons, lights and effects are fully programmable through the free software available on the Trust website.

Low-friction thermoplastic gliding pads and a fast-tracking optical sensor make usage feel smooth and effortless while maintaining control for delicate work such as image editing.

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Bad points?

The braided USB cable is a little rigid and kinks tend to redirect the mouse if there is too much slack.

Best for ...

Those looking to take their gaming experience to the next level or if you simply want a very cool looking mouse on your desk.

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Avoid if ...

You are left-handed as both thumb buttons are situated on the left side. Mac users will also need to look elsewhere as the software is Windows only.

Score: 9/10.

Trust GXT 922 Ybar Gaming Mouse, £22.99 (game.co.uk)