Where is it?

A tricky question but can I go for a cruise ship on the Med? Ideally stopping off at the likes of Barcelona, Santorini, Naples, Venice and perhaps Dubrovnik? It's amazing how many fantastic and fascinating destinations I've crammed into these two-week trips in the past.

Why do you go there?

For me, it ticks all the boxes. Great accommodation, weather, food and drink (the drinks package is a must). You see fabulous places without the travel stress and angst of going from one place to the next under your own steam.

The ships are great if you have a couple of kids in tow too, allowing for plenty of time to chill day and night.

How often do you go?

I have done a few cruises over the years when my kids were younger but haven't managed one since 2016.

HeraldScotland: Grant Stott in River City. Picture: Alan Peebles/BBCGrant Stott in River City. Picture: Alan Peebles/BBC

How did you discover it?

It was recommended by a friend in the travel industry who explained cruise ships aren't full of people "of a certain age" and very much cater for the younger generations. And he was right.

What's your favourite memory?

I have so many. But visiting Santorini in Greece was a special experience. And having a meal outside as the ship passed through Strait of Messina, a lovely narrow stretch of water which gave us Sicily on one side and the southern tip of Italy on the other. Stunning.

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Who do you take?

The family.

What do you take?

I'm a sucker for gadgets, so I always pack the iPad, headphones and speaker.

When I'm on board I enjoy sitting out on the balcony just gazing out to sea with a cool drink and some music as the sun sets. That's when I feel like I'm really relaxing. Also, I walk and wander a lot.

These ships are huge and, even when at sea, there's plenty to explore and do on board. I'll admit I'm not one for organised "activities" as such but suffice to say I make sure I've located and investigated each bar, lounge and, occasionally, casino while on board.

What do you leave behind?


Sum it up in five words.

Relaxing. Indulgent. Hot. Luxury. Ever-changing.

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What other travel spot is on your wish list?

I have had Portugal on my wish list for years, but I've still never been. I haven't been on a holiday since the February before lockdown, so I am even more keen to go now.

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