Electric car ownership is becoming a more attractive proposition for lots of people. With a greater variety of EVs on the market today, there's more choice than ever before, while the increasing number of charge points ensures there are plenty of places to top-up too.

The cost of charging differs from place to place, however. But, reassuringly, a few simple measures can make a whole heap of difference when it comes to the amount you'll spend recharging your EV.

Let's take a look at what you can do to drive down the cost of running an electric car...

1. Select the right home charging tariff

If you're able to charge at home, then picking the right tariff can make a real difference. Certain companies have electric tariffs designed specifically for EV owners, giving them better rates for charging their electric cars. It's best to check a comparison site, but don't be afraid to pick up the phone and speak to insurance companies directly too - they'll sometimes be able to give you a better deal.

2. Charge overnight

You'll find that when charging at home, ensuring that your vehicle charges late at night will make the difference in terms of price. When charging during the night, you'll get better energy rates, ensuring that a full-top up will cost less than if you did it during peak times. Most EVs will allow you to 'delay' charging until a specific time, which means you can pre-program them to only start charging when during off-peak times. Some EV wallboxes with 'smart' technology can do it too.

3. Check your chargers beforehand

When out and about, making sure you're getting the best deal when charging can be tricky. After all, if you're needing to charge then you're unlikely to spend precious time - and range - searching around. But doing a bit of research beforehand can make the world of difference. Apps such as Zap Map can show you not only where the chargers are located, but how much you'll pay. Prices will be shown in pence per kWh.

4. If you can, take more time

If you've got the time, then picking a slower charger will save you money. For instance, a 7kW charger - which is quick enough to fully charge an electric car overnight - will cost you a lot less than hooking up to a speedy 120kW charger. Of course, if you're in a hurry then you'll need the speed of a rapid charger. But if you've got time to spare, then you can easily save money by using a slower speed of charger.