SHE is the singer-songwriter behind a record label launched to help ex-offenders pursue a career in the music industry.

Drawing on her own experience Jill Brown formed Conviction Records last year in a bid to help others find a route for their creativity.

And now as she releases a new track from her latest album the Glasgow-based musician is still thinking of others.

After setting up Scotland’s only record label for ex-offenders, she is asking the public to buy her new track to fund an ex-offender’s first music video.

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Proceeds from the sale of Neverending Song, released on Monday October 18 and available to buy on Bandcamp for any amount, will be used to enable Ryan Kershaw to make a music video. Conviction Records is currently working with Mr Kershaw with a view to making him its first signing.

Mr Kershaw, 38, who is married with two young children, spent six months in Addiewell Prison in West Lothian after ordering a pepper spray online. Although he cancelled the order the next day, it was too late to spare him a jail sentence.

During his time in prison he picked up a guitar and started writing music again having abandoned his dream of pursuing a musical career after settling down and becoming a dad. In jail, music was his lifeline and he contacted the newly established Conviction Records after his release.

Ryan Kershaw has been given the chance to sign for Conviction Records after picking up a guitar during a short stint in jail. Photo Gordon Terris.

Ryan Kershaw has been given the chance to sign for Conviction Records after picking up a guitar during a short stint in jail. Photo Gordon Terris.

Speaking to The Herald earlier this year, Mr Kershaw said: "I still can’t explain what made me order the spray online,” said the father-of-two. “I had never done anything criminal in my life and was a working man and father. I made the purchase online using my name and address so I wasn’t hiding anything. Then I realised what I was doing turned out to be illegal and within 24 hours tried to stop the order, but by then it was too late."

It might have been a mistake, ironically it meant he was eligible for a very specific role advertised by Glasgow-based Conviction Records, a label which was looking to sign someone who had spent time in prison.

Jill Browns new track cover. Photo by Jannica Honey.

Jill Brown's new track cover. Photo by Jannica Honey.

Ms Brown said: “Ryan sent me a song called Tiger in the Well and as soon as I heard it I forwarded it to my colleague, Eric McLellan, in the US. I could tell Ryan was the real deal.”

Mr McLellan is an A&R (Artists & Repertoire) expert in the music industry, responsible for identifying and developing new artists. He heads this area up for Conviction Records and immediately loved Mr Kershaw’s sound.

Mr McLellan said: “When I heard Ryan I thought of Bob Dylan. Ryan has a real honesty and this, combined with his simplicity and talent for melody, makes his music very powerful.”

Former STV news presenter, Ms Brown has become better known in recent years as a musician working with a range of producers and releasing ear-catching singles.

As well as performing at the likes of King Tut’s and the Tut’s stage in the Clyde Auditorium, she has been working on and off, voluntarily, in Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison for the last decade.

Early in 2021 Ms Brown piloted some songwriting workshops in the jail which led to the creation of Conviction Records. The social enterprise aims to give former offenders a voice and an alternative to criminality, restoring dignity and purpose through music.

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She said: “Writing and recording songs enables you to turn the ugliness in your life into a thing of beauty. I know first-hand just how important it is to find your voice and use it. Not only is it therapeutic but you can help and encourage others in the process. Music has given me new life and direction and with the label we’re offering this opportunity to others.

To buy the new track, and the rest of her music, go to

Ms Brown's music is also streaming on all major platforms.