This is a take on one of the desserts on our menu right now at One Devonshire Gardens, and a real favourite with our Sous Brodie. It’s very popular, probably because it provides a wee bit of everything. Sharp, sweet, crunchy and sticky… It’s the perfect Autumnal dish.



8 x pink lady apples – peeled

150g Caster sugar

75g butter

25g lemon Juice

Apple puree

2 – 3 Bramley apples – peeled and thinly sliced

50g butter

½ vanilla pod

Splash of water when required

Ready rolled puff pastry

Plain flour

To garnish


Vanilla Ice cream


Pre heat oven to Gas Mark 4/ 180c /160c Fan

In a small pan add together the sugar butter and lemon juice. Cook this on medium heat until a caramel has formed. Pour this into a heat proof dish and allow it to cool and set hard.

Next thinly slice the apples and layer these up on top of the caramel. When you have reached a good height (3-4cm high) place the dish on to a baking tray and into the oven and cook for around 40 minutes – checking with a thin knife to see if the apples are cooked – you want a slight texture still.

Once cooked allow to sit for 10 minutes then using a dish the same size or something similar lay it on top and refrigerate with a heavy weigh on top – something heavy that will squeeze the apples together. Leave this overnight.

For the apple puree, warm the butter in a medium sized pan on a medium heat. Add the sliced apples and vanilla stirring occasionally. Add a splash of water every now and again to prevent the apples from catching the pan. Once soft transfer to a blender until smooth, push through a fine sieve and chill until needed.

Roll the puff pastry out on a lightly floured surface to around 3mm thick. Decide on the ideal shape and size you wish each individual terrine to be and cut your pastry to match this so that when cooked, both sizes are even. Next, lay each piece of cut pastry onto a lined baking tray and place another piece of greaseproof paper on top of the pastry. Lay a weighted tray, the same size as the one just used for your pastry on top. This will prevent the pastry from rising and keep it flat. Turn up the oven to 210c/gas 8 and place the pastry in to bake for around 10-15 minutes. After this time check the pastry every few minutes to see if it’s cooked or needs a bit longer. Once cooked to a golden-brown colour allow to cool.

Cut the terrine to the same size as your pastry slices, gently warm back through the oven on a low heat then layer up the puff pastry sheets with the apple puree, I’ve piped mine in the photo, but you can spread if easier. Garnish with finely crushed walnuts and serve with vanilla ice cream.

Gary Townsend is head chef at One Devonshire Gardens by Hotel du Vin, Glasgow. See or phone 0141 378 0385 to book.

Twitter @Chefgtownsend

Instagram- @chef.g.townsend