MORE than 100 police officers on duty at the COP26 climate summit are awaiting PCR test results or self-isolating amid fears of a covid outbreak, it has been claimed. 

Police Scotland have not confirmed how many officers have been affected and cited “operational reasons” for refusing to divulge the number and status of those affected.

However, multiple sources told the Scotsman that as many as 103 are affected.

It is understood the officers are not from Police Scotland but from forces drafted in from other parts of the UK for the global event. 

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The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) said: “These are not our officers or members, but have travelled to Glasgow from elsewhere in the UK to bolster the numbers the chiefs can deploy on any given day throughout the fortnight of COP26.

"You have to be realistic and see it for what it is. A hundred of so people from a total of just over 10,000 are taking PCR tests or are waiting for test results.

"It’s a precautionary move. The numbers still add up to take on any scenario that arises during the summit.”

It has been claimed the officers concerned were given PCR tests and instructed to self-isolate on Monday.

Police Scotland stressed that senior commanders are “fully confident” they have the necessary numbers to cope with any situation and have a management plan in place.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We have a Covid management plan in place.

“However, for operational reasons [we] will not be releasing numbers of those isolating (either awaiting a result, or having had a positive result).”