“ONE shot Gotts.” It was Paul Newman, no less, who gave the photographer Andy Gotts his nickname. He lives up to it. Speaking of her first encounter with Gotts, Kylie Minogue says “it was not only fun, but seemingly over in a flash.”

A new book, Andy Gotts The Photograph, is a compilation of celebrity photographs that bring out their personality and their humour. It does so by showing us the contact sheets from which the final image was chosen.

As Minogue suggests in her foreword to the book, “Andy’s contact sheets give us what feels like a VIP pass to spend time with his subject. We see their beauty, flaws, charisma, humanity and even get a glimpse into their thoughts and process. We see the person inside the portrait.”


Andy Gotts The Photograph is published by ACC Artbooks, £50. Photograph © Andy Gotts. Kylie Minogue’s limited edition album Disco Guest List Edition is out now