ECO-activists who chained themselves to a key Glasgow bridge have vowed to return despite being "banned" from the city centre.

On Saturday, campaigners from 'Scientist Rebellion' blocked the King George V Bridge, demanding urgent action on climate change.

The police were on the scene and the bridge was closed for pedestrians and vehicles.

At one point the group reportedly tried to glue themselves to the bridge - but failed to because it was too wet.


A police statement at the time read: "Our Police Liaison Team is engaging with protestors on King George V Bridge at Broomielaw, Glasgow.

"We have facilitated a peaceful protest, but to balance right to protest with public safety & rights of the wider community, our Protest Removal Team is safely removing protestors." 

Despite now being apparently "banned" from the centre, Scientist Rebellion took to Twitter to announce that they are returning to the bridge in Broomielaw today.

They are organising a teach-in, between 4-2pm today, on the south end of the King George V Bridge.

A teach-in is an informal lecture and discussion, where the group said they will "talk to the public in a public space about the hidden truths of the crisis we are in and what each of us can do to confront it."

This comes after more than 20 protestors were arrested following a day of marches and protests in the city centre.

It is not yet known whether there will be any closures on the bridge today.