COP26 might have put Glasgow on the map in terms of climate change but the city’s long been famous for its maritime heritage. In that time, the shipyards and the people who work in them have had to adapt and change as the Clyde has evolved, but with new, high precision digital tools and processes, and a passion for what we do, we are working to ensure that there is a bright future for this vital industry.

We’re finding ways to overcome the challenges and maintain our skills and expertise so that Glasgow remains at the forefront of shipbuilding, and that’s what we’re doing now when it comes to sustainability.

As a manufacturer, we recognise that all of our operations have an impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to reduce our emissions. That’s why we’ve set our own target of achieving net zero across our operations by 2030. We also, have a really important roe to play in helping the Royal Navy and customers around the world to find sustainable solutions and we’re working with our customers, partners and suppliers to do just that.

Last year we hand over HMS Spey to the Royal Navy, one of the most environmentally friendly ships to join the fleet. As a company we’re also providing proven, integrated electronic propulsion systems for buses and maritime vessels, with over 14,000 already in service around the globe.

As a major employer in Glasgow we have a responsibility to our city and we’re pleased to that having a COP26 right on our doorstep has given us a great opportunity to demonstrate ways in which we are working with our community to develop innovative solutions for the future.

I’m so proud of what our team has been doing, from our latest apprentices to our most experience shipbuilders; whether that is finding ways to generate renewable energy from old aircraft parts or methods of recycling heat across ships’ systems. We’re working with universities like Strathclyde on research and development that can help our business and wider society too.

With more than 1,250 new trainees joing our joining our early careers programmes across the UK this year, we know that to retain and recruit the very best talent, we need to keep sustainability at the heart of our business.

Like the challenges we’ve faced in the past, we know it won’t be easy but we’re determined to succeed.