With the festive period fast approaching, Elf on the Shelf season is back!

It's a craze that has been integrated into many people's Christmas routines in the past few years, but it's not always easy to come up with ideas of where to put the elf. 

The basis of the game is that the elf is Santa's helper who comes to check that children are being good in the run up to Christmas. 

Parents put the elf in a different place every night to be found by the kids when they wake up in the morning. 

Having gone viral in America and slowly seeping into UK culture, it can be difficult to come up with inventive places to place the elf every day. 

With that in mind, here are 31 ideas to get you through this December...

1. Elf on the Christmas tree

2. Elf in the bath

3. Elf on a zipwire

4. Elf in the cutlery draw

5. Elf on the washing line

6. Elf in a glass

7. Elf plays play station


8. Elf with a face mask

9. Elf out the shower

10. Elf does baking

11. Elf makes breakfast


12. Elf does some wrapping

13. Elf does the cooking

14. Elf gets washed

15. Elf on the wreath

16. Elf goes sledging

17. Elf eats chocolate

18. Elf does maths 

19. Elf wraps the toilet

20. Elf goes climbing 

21. Elf in the fruit bowl

22. Elf bakes cookies

23. Elf melts a snowman

24. Elf raids the cupboards

25. Elf in the scanner

26. Elf makes a Christmas list

27. Elf has a cold 

28. Elf with an advent calendar

29. Elf on a caterpillar

30. Elf makes a snow angel

31. Elf card