I'm A Celebrity contestant, Naughty Boy's family has stopped his mum from watching the show. 

The music producer's family made the decision as they felt the hit show was too distressing for her.

Naughty Boy's mum, Zahida has dementia and the performer has been caring for her for the last five years. 

His family is currently running his social media accounts and shared that it was his first time leaving his mum since she was diagnosed. 

Naughty Boy's niece Aisha told The Sun that they have stopped showing Zahida clips of the producer getting emotional as it is too "distressing". 

Aisha also told The Sun that "During the day, she is always like ‘where is he?’, ‘is he coming home?’ and we have to keep reminding her that no, he is on the show and she will see him on TV.

"We didn’t let her watch last night’s episode because we thought she would be really overwhelmed seeing him upset."

Although his Mum does not watch all the show, the family have says she couldn't be more proud of him. 

Naughty Boy had threatened to leave the show after his lost two trials in one day, however, on Wednesday nights episode he made the decision to stay.

I'm A Celebrity continues at 9pm on ITV.