A GLASGOW radiologist has been cleared of misconduct over allegations of physical, sexual, and mental abuse towards females partners.

A tribunal concluded that Dr Chris Cadman's fitness to practise is not impaired after a string of claims against him were found not proven.

Only one allegation - that Dr Cadman had texted and emailed a former girlfriend known only as Ms A asking her to meet him after their relationship had ended, despite her requesting that he not contact her - was upheld.

The pair had been in a relationship from December 2013 until January 2015.

However, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) - who rule on cases brought by the General Medical Council (GMC) - concluded that this did not amount to a serious breach.

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A solicitor acting on behalf of Dr Cadman stressed that the messages were "not abusive and essentially they were a private matter in the context of a difficult personal relationship...they did not cross the threshold of seriousness to amount to professional misconduct, let alone impairment of fitness to practise".

The couple had been engaged and in September 2014 Ms A had a termination.

She alleged that Dr Cadman had told her while pregnant that he would "move down to London and take the baby" and would "get a new Mum for the baby" in the capital, but both allegations were found not proved.

In its determination, the MPTS concluded: "The Tribunal was of the view that Dr Cadman’s behaviour, in sending emails to Ms A asking her to meet up when she had asked him not to was not ideal, considering that their personal relationship had ended. However, these matters should be set out in context as submitted by [solicitor] Mr Colman.

"The Tribunal considered that Dr Cadman’s behaviour did not cross the threshold to represent misconduct and that no part of [Good Medical Practise] had been breached.

"Accordingly, the Tribunal was satisfied, given the facts and circumstances of this case, that Dr Cadman’s behaviour did not amount to serious misconduct."

The MPTS concludes that Dr Cadman's fitness to practise "is not impaired by reason of misconduct".

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The doctor, who graduated from Glasgow University medical school in 2013, was cleared of all other allegations against Ms A, including that he had "violently held her down" and forced her to have sex with him, and that he had subjected her to mental abuse by telling her that "nobody else would ever want her" and that he had told his friends and family that she was a murderer.

All allegations against Dr Cadman from a second woman, known as Ms B, were also rejected by the tribunal.

This included claims that he demanded she delete all male contacts from her phone and took photographs of her naked without her consent, while six months pregnant with his child, before criticising her appearance as "disgusting" and then keeping the images on his laptop despite telling her they had been deleted.

The couple were together from April 2015 and January 2016.