Scots TV historian and lockdown critic Neil Oliver has branded the government’s latest restrictions in response to the new coronavirus Omicron variant as “manipulation and mass hypnosis”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has imposed new “temporary and precautionary” Covid restrictions in England which included mandatory mask wearing in shops and public transport, quarantine for international arrivals to the UK until they test negative and self-isolation for contacts of Omicron Covid cases after two cases of the concerning new variant were detected in the UK.

Scotland followed and is aligning with the new border restrictions being imposed by the UK Government.

In a rant on GB News, the Renfrewshire-born presenter said to viewers: "Here we go again.

"With Christmas on the horizon, a holiday that should be a time for families to put the past behind them and look towards the future, a new variant of the virus has seemingly been dispatched from poor old Africa as the gift no one asked for and no one wants.

"After months of messages of fear from our governments and their favoured scientists, here comes more of the same. We can only presume that too many of us were seen to be awakening from the toxic trance into which we had been put by propaganda from the nudge unit.

"Fear has been the key to nearly two years of unprecedented power for politicians and their scientists.

"Fear has also blinded people to the reality of manipulation and mass hypnosis used to make them, and to keep them compliant.

"But with that fear on the wane, losing its power to do harm, much like the virus was losing its power, it was plainly time to cast another spell."