Christmas marks the winter holiday season, with many industries around the country shutting for business over the festive period. 

December 25 and 26 are deemed public holidays by all four countries in the UK, meaning schools shut and many businesses are granted a day off.

The same goes for New Year's Day - but what happens when these dates fall on the weekend?

Here's what you need to know about the festive bank holidays this Christmas...

What dates are the Christmas bank holidays in 2021?

Christmas and Boxing Day fall on the weekend this year - but don't worry, this doesn't sacrifice your bank holidays. 

With December 25 and 26 a Saturday and Sunday this year, we will get Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 as replacement holidays. 

What dates are the New Year bank holidays for 2022?

New Year's day falls on a Saturday so we will get the replacement bank holiday on Monday January 3. 

In Scotland, we also celebrate January 2 as a national holiday, which falls on a Sunday this year. 

Instead, we will get Tuesday January 4 as the replacement day. 

The rest of the UK nations do not take January 2 as a holiday, so most people in England, Northern Ireland and Wales will return to their normal schedules on January 4.