Omicron cases are rising in Scotland, but what does this mean for schools closing for Christmas?

On Friday, Nicola Sturgeon held a press briefing where she announced new self isolation rules, meaning all household contacts of anyone who test positive for Covid must self-isolate. 

Meanwhile Jason Leitch warned that Omicron is likely to become the dominant variant by this week. 

With the school holidays round the corner and children unvaccinated, parents and teachers alike are wondering whether schools will close their doors early to keep cases at bay. 

Here's what we know...

Will schools in Scotland close early to reduce spread of Omicron?

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland Drivetime, Nicola Sturgeon said the Scottish government was "not considering closing schools early" before Scotland. 

Speaking to the BBC, the first minister said: "We are not considering closing schools. 

"I've tried to be candid with people all along that any leader that stands and says 100% anything can be ruled out forever is not being straight with you.

"But we are not considering the closure of schools. Children have suffered dispropotionately."

Earlier in the day, health secretary Humza Yousaf told Good Morning Scotland that the Scottish government would consider the prospect of closing schools early before Christmas in order to curb the spread of the virus. 

When are schools set to close in Scotland? 

Many schools are set to close early next week, between December 21 - 23. 

However, there are calls for this to be brought forward to the end of this week. 

When is Nicola Sturgeon's next update? 

Nicola Sturgeon is set to give her next update on Tuesday in front of Parliament. 

During this announcement, she is expected to outline further preventative measures against the spread of Omicron. 

The first minister is also likely to provide details of the booster jab rollout which is being extended to offer all adults over 18 the booster before the new year.