The medical and recreational cannabis industry has seen an explosion over the past several years as more countries around the globe move to decriminalize and outright legalise products made from the cannabis plant for sale and personal use.

In addition to THC-rich products made from the cannabis plant for sale in places that have legalised recreational marijuana, other products derived from marijuana’s close cousin, hemp, have been legalised in many countries worldwide – including much-acclaimed CBD products.

In 2018, the UK legalised the manufacturing, distribution, and use of CBD products for those seeking to optimise their health and wellness routines with this natural cannabinoid.

Available as CBD oils and tinctures, skincare products, and even e-liquids for vaping, CBD products have been shown to provide relief from a wide variety of health concerns, both chronic and acute.

Recently, the UK's CBD industry has seen an increased demand for a better way to dose CBD products without the mess, hassle, or earthy taste of CBD oils and tinctures - in the form of CBD edibles, such as CBD gummies. Available in a variety of CBD treats, cannabinoid-infused gummies are an excellent way to get all the benefits of CBD without having to smoke or vape it.

UK residents can now buy CBD gummies from a variety of brands in the UK market, with new products being released all the time. Check out our list of the best CBD gummies UK residents can purchase and experience the benefits of CBD gummies for a variety of health and wellness needs.

Best CBD Gummies in the UK

Creating our top choices for the best CBD gummies UK residents can purchase involved extensive research into numerous products on the market.

By reviewing detailed third-party lab reports, customer reviews, and manufacturing processes from seed to shelf, we compiled a list of five CBD companies that service the UK market and provide users with CBD gummies that are excellent for beginners and regular CBD users.

Whether you are looking for broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD, or pure CBD isolate gummies, each CBD company on this list is guaranteed to offer the best gummies on the UK market at competitive prices.

1. Blessed CBD

With a reputation for offering clean, strong CBD products, Blessed CBD's line of CBD products offers UK customers an affordable and premium selection in a range of forms, including:

  • CBD oils in full and broad-spectrum formulas
  • Soft gel CBD capsules
  • Topical CBD creams
  • And of course, their highly popular CBD gummies


Blessed CBD's products are sourced from organically grown hemp and manufactured to the highest safety standards recognised by the Cannabis Trade Association and other regulatory bodies in Europe and the USA.

Frequently awarded recognition by leading UK publications such as Reader's Digest, Observer, Men's Journal, The Star, Blessed CBD is the top pick for anyone seeking the best CBD gummies in the UK.

Blessed CBD Gummies

By isolating CBD from hemp plants using a solvent-free supercritical CO2 extraction process, Blessed CBD is able to offer potent and high concentration CBD gummy bears to UK customers seeking to find relief from many chronic and acute conditions.

Made from a CBD isolate that contains no amount of THC, Blessed CBD gummies are an effective and sugar-free way to get your daily dose of CBD in tasty fruit flavours. Available in 30 count containers with 25mg of CBD per gummy, each bottle of Blessed CBD gummies contains 30 servings, making each serving cost-effective for all users.

Why Choose Blessed CBD gummies?

Their high-quality CBD gummies serve as an excellent introduction to the benefits of CBD for beginners and a reliable CBD potency for experienced users. Vegan, gluten-free, and made without additives, Blessed CBD gummies are ideal for any dietary restriction or lifestyle.

For the best CBD gummies in the UK, you can't go wrong with Blessed CBD.

Visit to place an order or learn more about their CBD gummies.

2. Vibes CBD

Started in 2019, Vibes CBD is a family-run company that has quickly built up its reputation of providing UK customers with a wide range of broad-spectrum CBD products made using eco-friendly processes.


With their goal of “affordable, safe CBD”, Vibes CBD sources all of the non-GMO hemp used in their products directly from organic hemp farms in the EU and US. Their commitment to green business practices is evident in their attention to maintaining a carbon-neutral footprint while processing their products.

Vibes CBD Gummies

UK customers seeking a better-tasting alternative to CBD oils and tinctures won't be disappointed with the tropical fruit flavours infused into each Vibes CBD gummy.

Made using a potent CBD Isolate manufactured with a CO2 extraction method and filtered to remove any unwanted additives, Vibes CBD gummies are available in a discreet 20 count container with 25 mg of CBD per gummy. The discreet packaging makes the perfect travel-sized container for dosing CBD on the go, including at work, after the gym, or while traveling.

Why Choose Vibes CBD Gummies?

Vibes CBD gummies make an excellent choice for those who prefer discretion when dosing CBD for their health and wellness routine with a potent CBD isolate in a variety of fruity flavours.

Visit to place an order or learn more about their CBD gummies.

3. CBDLife UK

The family-run CBDLife UK has operated since 2015 to provide UK customers with a variety of CBD oil products that are potent, green, and affordable.

Sourcing their hemp from organic farms, each batch is tested for quality, purity, pesticides and heavy metals to ensure that CBDLife UK customers receive only the best CBD products.

CBDLife UK Gummies

CBDLife UK offers Vegan Hemp Gummies infused with a broad spectrum CBD formula. This means that they are gelatin and THC-free (non-psychoactive) but still contain vital terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids essential to creating the entourage effect that synergistically promotes health benefits for the body.

Available in a 15 count bottle with 10 mg of CBD per gummy, these fruit flavoured CBD hemp products are an excellent way for new CBD users and those looking for low potency CBD gummies to get the benefits of CBD for their health and wellness needs.

Why Choose CBDLife UK Gummies?

Those looking for a kosher, low dose, vegan CBD gummy will enjoy the benefits of CBDLife UK Gummies.

4. Beliebis

Beliebis was established to provide better and more affordable CBD products to the UK market in 2018. After personal injuries experienced by the company's founding family members, Beliebis began creating alternative ways to try and manage pain and anxiety naturally.

This led them to CBD, which is when they first created their line of CBD-infused products. Sourcing organically grown hemp from a British-owned farm in Europe, Beliebis has become a CBD market favourite for their affordably priced hemp oil products.

Beliebis CBD Gummies

Offering mixed fruit flavours in 15, 30, and 60 count containers, Beliebis' CBD gummies are packed with both 10mg of CBD and 25mg of CBD per delicious low-sugar treat.

Infused with a broad-spectrum formula, these CBD gummies offer customers CBD benefits without the side effects of similar products containing THC. Furthermore, Beliebis offers free shipping on all UK-based deliveries regardless of the size or value of the order.

Why Choose Beliebis CBD Gummies?

Beliebis CBD gummies are an excellent choice for those looking for affordable, tasty, and discreet CBD treats without lots of artificial sweeteners. In addition, their fast shipping and variety of package sizes make them ideal for anyone looking to add CBD to their daily routine.

5. Love Hemp

The award-winning Love Hemp has been creating potent and effective CBD-infused products since 2015. Founded by two friends who share a love of the benefits of CBD, this company has products stocked in thousands of mainstream retail locations, including Boots and Holland & Barrett.

From in-house manufacturing and lab testing processes to developing their own network of organic farmland to researching and developing CBD products with a dedicated team of medical professionals, Love Hemp is committed to providing only the highest quality products for their customers.

Love Hemp CBD Gummies

While Love Hemp offers a range of CBD edibles, including chocolates, it's their gummies that customers often choose most. Available in a 30 count tub with 20mg of CBD per Jelly Dome or a ten count package with 50 mg of CBD per gummy, Love Hemp CBD gummies suit the CBD dosage needs of any user.

The fruit mix flavour in each package of CBD gummies is made using natural ingredients and including Zesty Orange, Succulent Strawberry, and Delicious Blackcurrant. Made from their own proprietary CBD hemp extract and infused with a coconut-based MCT oil for ultimate bioavailability, you can be sure each tasty CBD gummy delivers a range of benefits for your overall well-being.

Why Choose Love Hemp's CBD Gummies?

Those looking to use CBD gummies with an excellent taste and high potency will enjoy Love Hemp's CBD oil gummies. Love Hemp Jelly Dome vegan-friendly gummies are also free from dairy, gluten, and THC making them perfect for any dietary lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of CBD Gummies?

Much like CBD oils and other cannabidiol-related products, CBD gummies offer customers a tasty, discreet, and easy way to get their daily amount of CBD.

Often sold as CBD gummy bears, jelly drops, and other forms of CBD sweets, CBD gummies are especially popular among first-time users of CBD products, as the sweet and chewy texture is more palatable and easier to consume than an oil or tincture.

For experienced users who understand what they need to jumpstart their body's endocannabinoid system, the use of CBD gummies makes for an excellent addition to wellness routines.

Regardless of the user's experience with CBD products, edibles such as CBD gummies offer users the same potential benefits associated with oils and tinctures, including but not limited to:

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Help with insomnia and improving sleep quality
  • Aiding in the treatment of epilepsy and other seizure disorders
  • Combating the effects of Alzheimer's and dementia
  • Suppressing nausea and vomiting

UK Regulations on CBD Gummies

To protect the public from potential harms that may come from the use of CBD products, the UK government has stated that all CBD products must:

  • Be made from hemp plants, not cannabis sativa (marijuana) plants
  • Contain 1mg or less of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) per product
  • Must submit a Novel Foods Application detailing lab reports on CBD content, safety, and manufacturing processes
  • Must adhere to the Novel Foods regulations set by the FSA (Food Standards Agency)

The choice to legalise the use of CBD made from hemp plants is that they do not contain high levels of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis that gets users high.

Additionally, because CBD is considered a food supplement, it must undergo the same processes by which other supplements, vitamins, and food additives enter the UK market.

Get CBD Gummies UK for Optimal Health and Wellness

Whether you're looking for vegan, kosher, THC-free CBD gummies, finding the best CBD oil gummies to promote optimal health and wellness has never been easier, thanks to the efforts of these premier CBD brands.

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