Watching the Queen's Christmas Day speech is a tradition for many people across the UK, but will it take place this year? 

Nearly every year since 1952, the Queen has broadcast a Christmas Day speech to the people of Britain. 

The only exception was 1969, when there was no speech on December 25 due to a TV programme about the Royals which had been made earlier that year, titled Royal Family. 

It has been a somewhat tumultuous year for her Majesty who, at 95-years-old, lost her husband of 73-years in April.

Having been forced to cancel engagements due to health this autumn, questions have been raised over how many engagements the Queen will carry out. 

Here's what we know about whether there will be a Christmas speech from the Queen this year...

Will the Queen do her annual Christmas speech this year? 

As far as we know, it looks like the Queen will carry out her annual Christmas speech this year, in keeping with the tradition started by her grandfather in 1932.

In October and November, the Queen was forced to pull out of a range of engagements due to health issues and doctors orders to rest.

She also spent a night in hospital in October. 

However, the Queen has since carried out a range of engagements and is therefore expected to give her Christmas Day speech as usual. 

The speech is pre-recorded and touches on the events of the past year. 

What will the Queen say in this year's speech? 

The Queen is likely to pay tribute to her husband of 73-years, Prince Philip, who died in April 2021. 

2020's speech focussed largely on Covid-19 and the effects of the pandemic. 

However, with the latest Omicron revelations, we could hear more about Covid in this year's speech.

What time is the Queen's Christmas speech?

The Queen's Christmas speech is broadcast at 3pm on December 25 on the BBC.