Much is changing in the run up to Christmas as Omicron continues to cause problems around the UK. 

On Tuesday, the Scottish government confirmed new rules would be implemented after Christmas from December 27. 

Meanwhile, on the same day Boris Johnson warned that "further action" may be required in England after Christmas, as he posted a video ruling out Christmas restrictions. 

An announcement by chancellor Rishi Sunak on Tuesday morning confirmed £1 billion of support was going to be made available to sectors impacted by the current situation, adding to speculation that new restrictions may be introduced in England. 

As Christmas grows nearer, here's what we know about when to expect Boris Johnson's next announcement...

When is Boris Johnson's next announcement? 

According to reports, Boris Johnson's next announcement could come within the next 48-hours. 

This morning, chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed more funding was to be made available to businesses hit by the surge in cases, suggesting that further measures might be on their way. 

The prime minister then confirmed there would be no further restrictions for Christmas. 

However, he added that he "can't rule out any further measures after Christmas".

Posting a video on Twitter, the PM wrote "I wanted to confirm that people can go ahead with their Christmas plans." 

He added, "We don’t think today that there is enough evidence to justify any tougher measures before Christmas.

"We continue to monitor Omicron very closely and if the situation deteriorates we will be ready to take action if needed."

The prime minister's next announcement is therefore likely to detail if measures will be introduced in the aftermath of the festive period. 

It could also answer questions over a potential circuit breaker lockdown to deal with rising Omicron cases.

On Tuesday afternoon, Scotland announced post-Christmas restrictions on hospitality and indoor and outdoor public events. 

These changes will take place from December 27, the same date that Boris Johnson's government is reportedly looking at bringing in restrictions. 

Do Boris Johnson's announcements apply to Scotland?

No, Boris Johnson's announcements only apply to England. 

Each of the four nations is responsible for their own pandemic response.