What is it?

A smart, lightweight workout jump rope.

Good points?

Made from robust steel wire with a smooth PVC coating, the portable Smart Jump Rope by Renpho is a straightforward and fun way to kick-start any fitness plans.

Comprising three skipping modes, as well as time and numbers countdown, the internal circuitry is intelligent enough to tally skips, keep track of time and let you know when you have completed your workout.

HeraldScotland: Renpho Smart Jump RopeRenpho Smart Jump Rope

The accompanying app can help track and analyse workout data such as skip time, total skip number, calories burned and flag up any tangles. This gives you a clear overview of your technique and fitness progression over time.

Up to 300 historical data points are stored which means you don't have to resort to getting a notepad and pen out every time you want to recall a certain workout you completed.

Ergonomic design elements include comfortable and non-slip foam grips which feel natural and after a few sessions akin to an extension of your hands. The rope is three metres long but can be adjusted to suit most heights and arm lengths.

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Notifications are provided audibly and via the HD LCD display which is clear to read and helps get most out of the experience.

Bad points?

Two AAA batteries are required to power the device which for modern, portable workout equipment feels a little dated.

Best for ...

Those who want the ability to have a trackable cardio session wherever they go without lugging heavy equipment and gear about or having to track down the nearest gym.

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Avoid if ...

You live in a shared building with little in the way of soundproofing as your downstairs neighbours are unlikely to appreciate your burgeoning fitness programme.

Score: 9/10.

Renpho Smart Jump Rope, £19.99 (amazon.co.uk)