Scotland's hilarious gritters might have hit the roads once again due to Thundersnow and yellow ice warnings. 

Over recent years, Scots have tracked Transport Scotland's winter fleet across the country on its website. 

There are 230 gritters working from 40 depots around Transport Scotland's trunk road network, each with its own punny name.

Tracking their movements are not only useful but it can be entertaining too. 

And it looks like more service vehicles are going to be added to the fleet, and they need some new names. 

Name Scotland's new gritters

Amey South West Trunk Road Network, which maintains the network in the region on behalf of Transport Scotland, has called for our help. 

Alongside a snowflake emoji, it issued the plea on Twitter, writing: "We are calling on #GritterTwitter! Help us out and tell us what name we should use for our next gritter this winter #NameAGritter @trafficscotland."

Amey has asked Scots to fill in family-friendly suggestions on its online form.

It recommends aiming for a short snappy name and to avoid causing any copyrighted names, trademarks or brands like movie characters.

It says the new service vehicles will join the likes of "Sir Grits Hoy", "Yes Sir, Ice Can Boogie", "Skid Vicious" and "Sweet Child O' Brine".

Other favourites include nods to Scotland's iconic brands like IRN-BRU®'s  “Grits You Through” and Tunnock's "Caramelt Wafer".

This Naming Appeal has been running since December 13, 2021 and you only have until Monday, January 17, 2022 to have your name considered.

Names submitted outside the form on social media will not be counted, submit your name here.

If you need some inspiration, check out all the current hilarious gritter names here.