Two Scots who went viral after they were spotted cheering on Andy Murray in the second round of the Sydney Tennis Classic have been tracked down and rewarded by the tennis star’s mum.

Steven Glennie and Jody Maggs, who are from Dundee but live in Sydney, donned their Scotland tops and flags while they watched Murray’s victory over Nikoloz Basilashvili and were spotted on television.

On her Twitter, Judy Murray appealed to her followers to help identify them.

She wrote: “Can anyone in Sydney or Scotland identify these Scots who were at Andy’s match v Basilashvili? Would like to invite them quarter-final….”


The tweet sparked a search to track the two down on social media and put them in contact with Judy.

Speaking to BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme, Jodie said: “We didn’t realise at all yesterday, it actually ended up being quite a late night, we didn’t get home until 1am in the morning.

“We had had a couple of drinks so we ended up sleeping a bit later than usual this morning, so at about half past nine we both woke up and our phones were just glowing up – Instagram and Facebook and everyone was tagging us.

“Steven’s mum had made a Twitter account to reply to Judy’s tweet about us. It’ been crazy and it’s just so funny.”


Steven added: “She went and made a Twitter account just to reply to Judy Murray and, yeah, I think she’s liking it so far anyway. She got a couple of thousand hits on her tweet so she’s happy.

“I had a bit of a hangover this morning and then obviously my social media went a bit crazy, and then Judy Murray actually got in touch with us via WhatsApp and offered us the tickets.

“So now I’m back on the beers again, got my Scotland flag on again, and ready to go. We support anybody Scottish who’ll play anywhere on this side of the world.”

On Thursday, Jodie and Steven watched Andy’s third-round match against David Goffin on Thursday.

Jodie said: “He actually played a really good game (against Basilashvili). It definitely made such a difference, us being there and egging him on.

“He was clocking us and giving us the eyes, he knew we were there and he actually thanked me at the end of the game, he just said ‘thanks very much for all your support’ and he signed our Scottish flags so we’re really happy about that.

“We can’t wait, we’ve got our Scottish tops on, ready to show Andy Murray the support he deserves.”